Antidrug slogan

  1. Taking amphetamine-type drugs is to knock at Death’s door.
  2. Do you still take hard drugs? Dial 0800-024-099-2 to report.
  3. Understand that drug addiction is horrible, drug trafficking will send you to prison.
  4. Respect yourself, and don’t sell your soul for drugs. Dial 0800-024-099-2 to report.
  5. Taking drug is to commit suicide, and no to drugs, yes to life.
  6. Taking drugs is to let your whole family knock at Deaths door!
  7. Easy to take drugs but difficult to quit drugs!
  8. Taking drugs is waiting to die!
  9. Never sell yourself to drugs.
  10. Taking drugs will let you regret all your life.
  11. Taking ecstasy is to ruin your life!
  12. Taking drugs makes you are a dead man.
  13. Stay away from drugs!
  14. Never let drugs ruin your life.
  15. Never let drugs ruin your colorful life!

16. Taking drugs is a sin, which will ruin your body, decline your intelligence, lose your morality and even will adversely affect your descendants.

17. Drugs are harmful, and will break the bank and even cause death. It affects public security badly and is the source of crime.

18. Drug injecting and taking will be sentenced for 6 months to 5 years. Making, trafficking and transporting Class 1 drugs or opium will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

19. It is our responsibility to inform against drug abusers or traffickers.

20. Please report drug abusers and traffickers to public-security organizations.

21. Stay away from drugs.

No smoking slogan

  1. Hi! Cigarette is a white coffin!
  2. “Quit smoking” minimizes the sense of pleasure but saves your life.
  3. Quit smoking to show your love for her. Dial toll-free call 0800-63-63-63
  4. Do not waste life in smoking.
  5. Cigarette is gone, life is gone too.
  6. Stay away from cigarette, and live better!
  7. Smoking will cause erection dysfunction! Don’t let cigarette pollute your lungs!
  8. Smoking will make you a dead man.
  9. No smoking, no cancer
  10. Stay away from passive smoking, live another 20 years!
  11. Smoking is a chronic suicide!
  12. Smoking is harmful to health.
  13. Smoking after a meal, death will call you later; smoking will affect relatives and friends.
  14. Smoking is to knock at Death’s door.
  15. Smoking will cause your family to get cancer.

Anti-fraud slogan

1.          Don’t place your bills and mails anywhere. Once your personal information is disclosed, you may become the object of blackmail.

2.          Be careful when shopping online. Select well-established suppliers, and bear in mind that “seeing is believing” and “cash on delivery”.

3.          Fraud groups will inform you of winning a prize, and ask you to pay taxes and member fee in advance, but you will never get the prize.

4.          The first priority against fraud is to “give up greed”. There is no free lunch around the world. Greed is the source of being swindled.

5. Basic principle against fraud: “Not Anxious”, “Not Impetuous”, “Think More”, “Check in Detail”

6. Check with corresponding authority for prize, drawback or returns of labor insurance and agricultural insurance. Never check with phones given by evildoers.

7. Fraud groups will use various advertisements to publish credit loan, deliver prize winning messages, and inform drawback by phone or mail to swindle money.

8. If you find any people or anything is doubtful, dial 110.

9. “Interaction between police and people frightens evildoers”.

10. Never believe when a “phone call” inform you of tax refund, wining a prize or data disclosure of fiscard, otherwise you money vanish all of a sudden.

Rental slogan

Suffer loss for knowing a little about rental housing; compare among houses to ensure security.

Traffic safety slogan

1. Failure to fasten helmet belt may cause death.

2. Driving by wearing clothing of bright color would be safer.

3. When driving, be sure to “wear” other than bring helmet.

4. It would be safe to make a turn in two sections.

5. No drunk driving will live health longer.

6. Wear hat to ensure safety.

7. Driving slowly will travel happily.

8. Drive slowly and carefully.

9. Drive carefully whether it is motor vehicle or not.

Slogan for in-service study

1.     Look and listen when signing a job contract to avoid dispute.

2.     Uncover molesters to refuse workplace sexual harassment.

3.     Pay attention to rights and interests for in-service study, and be careful about employment traps.

4.     Both indoor work and outdoor work are acceptable, and workplace safety is most important.

5.     Be careful about workplace fraud, and never believe false advertising.

6.     Pay attention to relevant rights and interests to ensure your benefit.

7.     Never let calculating people to abuse your love.

8.     Never give your personal certificates to others in order to minimize the risk of being swindled.

9.     No pain, no gain

10.   Good in-service study opportunities let you learn valuable experience; bad in-service study opportunities let you suffer a big loss.

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