E. Health Examination

Health Examination 健康檢查 

Q 1. Do I need a health examination?  
Yes, all Asia University freshmen whether they are locally born or foreign 
students must undergo a health examination before their first semester at the 
Q 2. The health examination I took for Asia University, can it be used to apply for the ARC? 
No, because the ARC application requires more stringent health examination items. Application for the ARC requires visiting the designated medical 
clinics below for health examinations. 
1.  Taichung City China Medical University(40402 Taichung City North Region 91 Xue Shi Rd. Tel: 04-22053366). 
2.  Consult other approved clinics and hospitals. 
Q 3. What kind of health examination do I need to take? Which items are included in the health examination?
New international students please refer to the following web page for further information about the health examination.