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D. Insurance

Q1. Who needs student insurance and how is it purchased?


Students’ Safety Insurance is required for all students at Asia University (includes degree and exchange students) and the insurance fee is included in the registration fee.

Q2. Who needs National Health Insurance (NHI) and how is it purchased?


National Health Insurance (NHI) is required for all foreign nationals who hold Alien Residence Certificates for more than 6 months. The university’s foreign students are all enrolled in NHI at February after enrollment  or in September. NHI fees are included in each semester’s registration fees. After obtaining the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC), new students should submit photocopies of the certificate to the international school for insurance application.

Q3. Who needs medical insurance and how is it purchased?


Foreign freshmen cannot participate in NHI in their first 6 months so they should purchase overseas medical insurance for a period of 6 months from their country of residence and submit photocopies of insurance certificates to the international school. 

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